Saturday November 3: 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Wreckage, Remix, and Recycling: Writing New Poems from the Rubble of the Old with Paul Vermeersch



Unavailable online

This masterclass will concentrate on several forms, both ancient and modern, that scavenge and recombine existing texts in order to construct new poems from the fragments of the past. These forms include centos, erasures, glosas, text collages, and more. We will investigate the history of these practices, and examine their contemporary resurgence. Time will also be devoted to writing and work-shopping new poems using these techniques. Participants are asked to bring along three or four favourite books of poetry (of any genre or vintage) as well as some unfinished poems of their own. Introduced by Chris Banks

  • Paul Vermeersch is a poet, professor, artist and editor. His 2014 book Don’t Let It End Like This Tell Them I Said Something is the product of his MFA thesis exploring the poetics of remixing and recycling texts for which he received the Governor General’s Academic Gold Medal. A finalist for the 2011 Trillium Book Award for The Reinvention of the Human Hand, his most recent book is Self-Defence for the Brave and Happy. A professor in the Bachelors of Creative Writing & Publishing Program at Sheridan College and senior editor of Wolsak and Wynn Publishers, he lives in Toronto. Photo by Justice Darragh of Fossil and Bone Photography.