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Because of our generous donors, we have been able to bring the Wild Writers Literary Festival to Kitchener-Waterloo for nine years. Because of support from people like you, we have been able to offer bursaries to emerging local writers. Because of your support, we are able to bring renowned authors from across the country to our local reading and writing community. Your donation gathers the wild writers from our community and beyond. Your support gives them a safe and encouraging place to connect, celebrate, and grow.

Thank You to our Wildly Gracious Donors!

Wild Writers Advocates ($1000+)

Pamela Dillon
Beverly Harris
Mary Dever

Wild Writers Supporters ($500-$999)

Lillian Bass
Anne Brydon & Brian Tanguay

Anita Lahey
Joan Lazarski
Alister Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas
Peter Woolstencroft

Wild Writers Friends ($50-$499)

Carol Acton
Roy Adams
Lillian Anderson
Dominique Anfossi
Claire Asling
Veronica Austen
V. Barclay
Douglas Barrett
Evelyn Bednarz
Deborah Black
Henry Blumberg

Wendy Brandts
Margaret Buchanan
Gaiyle J. Connolly

Rae and Barbara Crossman
Alannah d’Ailly
Kim Davids Mandar
Sarah Dennison
Amy Diaz
Maggie Dwyer
Kyla Epstein

Marsha Faubert
Martina Freitag
Cy Gamble
Georgina Green
Lisa Gregoire
Sharon Hamilton
Kate Henderson

Louisa Howerow
Crystal Hurdle
Kim Jernigan
Bruce Johnstone
Sylvia Karman
Alysia Kolentsis
Phyllis Koppel
Anna Krentz
William Krueger

Ann MacKenzie
John and Sneha Madhavan-Reese
Catherine Malvern
Sara Mang
Su Mardelli
Chris Masterman
Connie Melidy
Leila Merl
Hulene Montgomery
Carolyn Moore
Margaret Moriarty
Andrea Mozarowski

Pamela Mulloy
Catherine Muss
Walt Palmer
Ruth Pearce
K. Penney
Kimberly Peterson
Eleni Polychronakos
Rita Rasmussen
Colleen Robinson
Lorraine Robson
Lenore Rowntree
Leah Schoenmakers
Emily Schroeder

David B. Scott
Erica Sher
Shari Simpson

Logan Walsh
Amanda Watkins
Margaret Watson
Kelly Watt
oseMarie Williams
Barbara Yeaman

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