Saturday, November 13: 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm

Tamas Dobozy on Building the Perfect, Decrepit Utopia

With Tamas Dobozy and Ágnes Vashegyi MacDonald. 

Unavailable online

From its Greek origins, “utopia” is both a “great place” and “no place.” How do writers contend with this alluring, contradictory space? Join Tamas Dobozy and Ágnes Vashegyi MacDonald as they explore the fallible utopias of Dobozy’s work. Dive deep into discussions of unsettled histories, unearthed secrets, and that gnawing feeling…that something has been left unresolved. 

  • Tamas Dobozy is the author of three previous collections of short fiction and novellas: When X Equals Marylou (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2003), Last Notes and Other Stories (HarperCollins Canada / Arcade (US), 2005), and the Governor General’s Award finalist and Writers’ Trust Award winner, Siege 13 (Thomas Allen / Milkweed (US), 2012). 5 Mishaps, a limited edition collection of five new stories, was published in early 2021 by School Gallery, London, UK. Tamas Dobozy lives in Waterloo.

  • Ágnes Vashegyi MacDonald is a Hungarian-Canadian sociologist. Born in Budapest and moved to Vancouver, Canada in the early 1990s, Ágnes has been enjoying the experience of living a hyphenated identity. This two-ness of being Hungarian and Canadian has given her a particular emigrant/immigrant view which she has been tapping into through her studies and scholastic work. Ágnes completed her MA in Sociology and Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at the University of British Columbia. Since her graduation in 2010, she has been teaching Sociology at various institutions in Vancouver.  In 2007, Ágnes reviewed Tamas Dobozy’s book, Siege 13 in the Journal of the AmericanHungarian Educators Association, and interviewed Tamas for The New Hungarian Voice which was republished in La Présence Hongroise Au Canada in 2007.