Saturday November 4: 9:30 am - 10:50 am

Crafting the Poem with Evelyn Lau

Balsillie School of International Arts
Room #1-23
Writer's Craft Class


Unavailable online

introduced by Barb Carter

In this workshop, renowned poet Evelyn Lau will help students appreciate the editing process required to craft a polished poem. Evelyn will workshop six poems supplied by workshop attendees. With the help of the participants, Evelyn will give an editorial assessment of the poems and make suggestions for how the poems can move forward. All attendees of the workshop will benefit from the discussion and will come away form the workshop with a keener understanding of the editorial process.

  • Evelyn Lau is the Vancouver author of twelve books, including seven volumes of poetry. Her memoir Runaway: Diary of a Street Kid, published when she was 18, was made into a CBC movie starring Sandra Oh. Evelyn’s short stories, essays and novel have been translated into a dozen languages; her poetry has received the Milton Acorn Award, the Pat Lowther Award, a National Magazine Award and a Governor-General’s nomination. Evelyn served as the 2011-2014 Poet Laureate of Vancouver, as well as writer-in-residence at UBC, Kwantlen College and Vancouver Community College. Evelyn’s most recent collection is Tumour (Oolichan, 2016).