Youth Writing: An Interactive Workshop Series

with Erin Bow and Heather Smith

This is a limited registration workshop series for writers aged 14-18. 

Youth writers will join award-winning writers Erin Bow and Heather Smith for three workshop sessions over two weekends in November. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss writing techniques, and workshop creative writing material with their instructors. This workshop series will be held on Zoom and will be recorded.

Placements in this workshop will be offered free-of-charge to successful applicants. Donate to support youth writing! 

Saturday, November 7 from (11AM-12PM)

Heather Smith will talk about crafting beginnings and endings—what makes them great, and why they matter.

Sunday, November 8 from (11AM-12PM)

Erin Bow will talk about pacing, when to pause for details and when to leave them out. 

Writing Break

After the first two workshops, Heather Smith and Erin Bow will provide students with writing prompts. The workshop participants can use these prompts to develop a piece of writing of up to 1500 words to send to the Heather and Erin for feedback. The workshop participants will then give their piece some extra polish in preparation for a “read-around” at the final workshop.

Saturday, November 21 (11AM-12PM)

Workshop participants will present their creative writing for a reading of up to three minutes each.

Applications are now closed.

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