Sponsor the Festival

Sponsor the Festival

Be recognized as a champion of literature, arts education,
and inclusive community-building. 

The Perks of Being a Sponsor

  • Digital Branding

    Your logo, featured on our website and during online events.

  • Social Shoutouts

    Let's show off your appreciation of arts and literature!

  • Sponsored Events

    Your support helps emerging writers attend for free, learn, and grow.

  • World Class Words

    Be publicly recognized by some of Canada's most talented authors.

Our Audience


Advanced degree holders with an enduring thirst for knowledge.


Creative writers, thinkers, and compassionate arts advocates.


From cities across Ontario in professions across the board.

Our Sponsorship Promise and Vision

The Wild Writers Literary Festival promotes the Region of Waterloo as a literary destination in Ontario. Our sponsors range from local small businesses, to emerging entrepreneurs, to globally recognized organizations. For every festival sponsor, we focus on providing meaningful engagement and exposure. Are you tackling a new initiative you want to share with the community? Do you have an incredible team member you want to celebrate? Our team will explore every opportunity to connect with your growing audience. We want to know the story behind your logo. Help us tell it!

Our Sponsorship Packages

Wild Writers Event Sponsorships

Champion Arts Education for Canadian Readers and Writers

The Wild Writers Literary Festival features a wide selection of writing panels, conversations and workshop classes every year. Sponsoring any of these events helps bring access of arts education Canada-wide. 

Headliner Event

Kick off the festival weekend by sponsoring our opening showcase where readers and writers come together for a rich, literary evening. Sponsorship Rate: $1500

Wild Writers Panel

Spark curiosity and connection by sponsoring a Wild Writers Panel that explores topical conversations facing writers and their writing. Sponsorship Rate: $1500

Writers Craft Class

Add to the toolbox of hundreds of emerging writers by sponsoring a writers craft class led by Canada's best and brightest literary talents. Sponsorship Rate: $1500

In Conversation

Begin inspiring and thoughtful conversations by bringing together readers and writers alike to discuss the intricacies and complexities of either poetry, fiction or creative nonfiction. Sponsorship Rate: $1000

Youth Workshop

Cultivate the next generation of creative writers by ensuring that young and emerging writers have a place at our festival. Sponsoring this event secures the opportunity for their learning and growth. Sponsorship Rate: $1000

Wild Booklovers Sponsorships

Ensure Equitable and Equal Access for All Canadian Booklovers

Since the pandemic required us to move our festival online in 2020, we’ve recognized a need to improve accessibility for our festival offerings beyond the pandemic. From sponsoring a live stream of an event to sponsoring an attendee from a marginalized, low income community to attend the festival, improve accessibility and equitability for aspiring writers, readers, and members of your Canadian community. 

Live Streaming

Extend our event access beyond borders by sponsoring a live stream of one of our events. By sponsoring a live stream, you can ensure that anyone Canada-wide, or even internationally, can participate in the festival.
Sponsorship Rate: $1000

Booklover Attendance

Increase opportunities for people from marginalized and underprivileged communities to attend the festival. This sponsorship is designed to close the financial gap for people in low income and historically underserved communities.
Sponsorship Rate: $25/Attendee

Wild Author Sponsorships

Cultivate Literary Connections in Waterloo Region 

The Wild Writers Literary Festival hosts Canada’s up and coming and established literary talents from coast to coast every year. Sponsoring your favourite authors at the festival helps bring attention and awareness to Canadian artists. 

What’s Included? 

The Wild Author Sponsorship covers the honorarium, travel expenses, and accommodations for visiting writers. 

By Sponsoring An Author You Will:

  • Receive a personal signed copy of the author’s book
  • Meet and greet with the author at the festival
  • Be acknowledged on our website, festival program, and on that author’s event page

Wild Author Sponsorship Levels:

Local Author: $500

Ontario Author: $750

Across Canada Author: $1000

Want to become a festival sponsor? Contact us today!

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