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Support Writers in the Wild: Meditations

Offer reflection, pause. A deep breath.

Engage in a new, innovative project at the 2020 Wild Writers Literary Festival by supporting Meditations. This series of eight audio visual works will feature some of Canada’s best and up-and-coming writers, including Helen Humphreys, Jael Richardson, Waubgeshig Rice, and Sanchari Sur. Writers will write and record artful, reflective meditations on topics that hold deep meaning for them. Who else but writers to contemplate, create, and help us make sense of our world?

Thank you to our 2020 Donors!

Pamela Dillon

Anne Brydon & Brian Tanguay

Dominique Anfossi

Veronica Austen

Deborah Black

Wendy Brandts

Chris Masterman

Alister Thomas

Barbara Yeaman

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