Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship Packages

The packages below group events into broad categories; they can be altered to fit your interests and priorities!

Supporting Social Inclusion

Celebrate the diversity of the artistic spirit. 

At the Wild Writers Literary Festival, we strive to represent the varied dimensions of geography, age, race, religion, gender, and sexuality in Canada. Celebrate writers from a broad range of backgrounds by sponsoring these events: Aging and Creativity with Emily Urquhart; The Short Story: Telling the In Between with Vinh Nguyen, Souvankham Thammavongsa, and Jack Wang; and Narrating Memory and (Dis)Belonging with Lamees Al Ethari and Antonio Michael Downing.

Sponsorship Target: $1500

Supporting History and Cultural Heritage

Amplify writers who tell our stories, universal and personal.

The festival is honoured to showcase writers who highlight Canada’s diverse cultural heritage and explore personal, national, and global histories. Continue the conversation by sponsoring these events: Inspired by True Stories with Helen Humphreys; Mining Folklore and Fairy Tales with Emily Urquhart and Amanda Leduc; and Family Histories, Global Stories with Anita Lahey.

Sponsorship Target: $1500

Supporting Accessible Learning and Professional Development

Add to the writer’s toolbox.

One of our top priorities is to offer writers accessible resources that enhance their creative and professional lives. Add to the toolbox of hundreds of emerging writers by sponsoring these events: The Path to Publication with Cheylene Knight, Pamela Mulloy, Russell Smith, and Brent van Staalduinen; How to Create a Successful Writing Group with Kirsteen MacLeod, Sarah Tsiang, Nancy Jo Cullen, Susan Olding, Sadiqa de Meijer, Y.S. (Ying) Lee, and Ashley Best; and Building Your Literary Community Online with Isabella Wang.

Sponsorship Target: $1500

Supporting Science and the Environment

Spark natural curiosity and connection.

Even when we go digital, we stay green. That’s why the 2020 festival is featuring a lineup of writers who explore our natural environment and the science behind storytelling. Fuel this productive dialogue by sponsoring these events: Characterizing Climate Change with Catherine Bush and Mahak Jain; Finding Your Natural Voice with Julia Zarankin; and On Holding Attention with Jack Wang.

Sponsorship Target: $1500

Supporting Mental Health and Wellness

Offer reflection, pause. A deep breath.

Engage in a new, innovative project at the 2020 Wild Writers Literary Festival by sponsoring Meditations: An Audio Visual Series with Acclaimed Canadian Writers. This series of eight audio visual works will feature some of Canada’s best and up-and-coming writers, including Helen Humphreys, Jael Richardson, and Waubgeshig Rice. Writers will write and record artful, reflective meditations on topics that hold deep meaning for them. Who else but writers to contemplate, create, and help us make sense of—and find serenity in—our world?

Sponsorship Target: $3000

Supporting Young and Emerging Writers

Cultivate the next generation of Canadian writers.

Every year, we ensure that young and emerging writers have a place at our festival. Secure their learning and growth by sponsoring twenty student writers to attend Youth Writing: An Interactive Workshop Series. Students will meet for three, hands-on workshop meetings to share their work with each other and with award-winning writers Heather Smith and Erin Bow. Your support is invaluable to the emerging creative writers who attend this program.

Sponsorship Target: $3000

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