Poetry Masterclass


with George Elliott Clarke


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George Elliott Clarke believes that poetic mastery consists in having command of too-often-overlooked or taken-for-granted basics: Vocabulary/Diction (incl. English “roots” and “routes”), Rhythm/Meter, and Forms/Constraints. He will offer a series of exercises (developed over 36 years of praxis), both of his own invention or borrowed–with acknowledgment–from others, all introduced with a discussion of the underlying theory, and all intended to help the participating writer or poet, at whatever stage of creative “mastery,” to range further, stretch, advance. Clarke has offered courses in Creative Writing at Duke University and the University of Toronto, and has also taught at Banff and at Green College (UBC) and in writing workshops from coast to coast. He promises participants increased excellence in craft and a charged atmosphere of  due humility before the Muse(s) and irreverent humour for all (mere) mortals.

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